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2021 Annual Report
American Fidelity Corporation

Chairman's Message President's Message

A Message from Our Chairman and CEO

Being “Always Flexible” has long been one of our core values and the last two years have given us plenty of opportunities to step up to the challenge.

I am proud of how well the Company has continued to navigate the storms caused by COVID, and that we have continued to serve our Customers while keeping them and our Colleagues safe from the virus. Being “Always Flexible” has long been one of our core values and the last two years have given us plenty of opportunities to step up to the challenge. I believe we will continue to rise to the challenge of staying flexible as the world recovers from and moves on from the pain caused by COVID and we adapt to the new normal.  

Recent events have hit home how important financial security and health are. I am honored that we have the opportunity to serve Customers in these areas and help them protect their finances and take precautions so they can have financial security even if health disasters strike.  

In 2021, we were able to serve more than 200 new employer groups and nearly 200,000 new policyholders, helping offer them peace of mind and stability while so much is changing around us. Each one of those new groups represents countless opportunities we have to make a difference in people’s lives and to provide a different opinion.
I’m thrilled at how we’ve been able to continue embracing new technology to help us better collaborate to meet our Customers’ needs. We have implemented many innovations the past year that bring together our Customer experience, sales and IT teams for a more integrated experience for our Customers.  


A Message from Our President

Our 2021 results emphasize our ability to come together to respond to the needs of our Customers, our communities and our Colleagues. We did this both financially and socially.

American Fidelity’s focus on strong Customer service allowed us to excel as we faced another year of challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the course of the year, we have proven our strength to align with our Customer’s day-to-day operations. As schools reopened, they transitioned to an environment where functioning between virtual and in-person classroom learning became commonplace. We had to double down on our ability to become equally as flexible.

Because our Customers are the soul of American Fidelity, we are continually looking for ways to make their lives easier. We are updating and recreating our Customer journey maps, looking for innovative solutions to solve Customer pain points. Using insights from our Customers and our Colleagues, we are integrating new technologies that allow us to provide additional services designed to provide services faster.

This year, we also focused on investing in the future by realigning our talent to better execute on our mission. Complimenting the realignment, stronger division measurements were developed to create a clear vision of success for all Colleagues. We believe that the more Colleagues are aligned to our mission, the better our service will be when our Customers need us most.

Thanks to the commitment of our Colleagues, the strength of our niche focused service model and our ability to remain flexible, we saw profitable growth in each of our strategic business units and product lines. For this reason, it is important for us to remain diligent in how we view the workplace. It is not a secret that the last two years have brought about change that will impact the way we live and do business for decades to come. Workplaces are evolving to accommodate new Colleague views and we will remain diligent in our understanding and consideration of the fundamental importance of creating a positive work environment.

Whether faced with regulatory, environmental or workplace changes, we are well positioned with over 60 years of experience and more than 2,000 Colleagues across the country ready to serve our niche markets in 2022 and the future.  

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